The AETG Web Service

The AETGTM Web Service generates test cases from a model of your requirements. It uses combinatorial design techniques to find a minimal test-case set that covers all pairwise interactions among input values.

By using the AETG Web Service, you will be able to create robust and efficient test cases faster and more comprehensively than ever before. You will achieve:

  • High-quality test cases
  • Rapidly generated test plans
  • Reduced incidence of mission-critical software bugs.

To illustrate the small size of a test set generated by the AETG system, consider a test problem with 13 input parameters and 3 values for each. AETG will generate just 15 test cases to cover all pairs of values, as compared to over 1.5 million required for exhaustive testing. The generated test cases guarantee that each parameter value will occur at least once with every other parameter value.

Our web interface makes it easy to use the AETG system. Because this interface can be used with almost any web browser, there is no need to install or maintain it on your local system.

Please sign up for a free trial account so you can evaluate the AETG Web Service on your testing challenges.

The AETG system is covered by U.S. Patent number 5 542 043.